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About Our Company

Prime Source Global has just but a single vision:

To make our customers more successful.

We are able to achieve this through our experience of being able to blend unbeatable levels of technical, business, organizational and project management expertise with a skill that our competitors have lost - the ability to listen.

In today's complex environment, communicating their unique requirements to us , provides us with the ability to create solutions that have a direct and profound impact on our clients' ability to meet their objectives. It may seem obvious, but the more a solution matches the needs of an organization, the better it is able to achieve their goals.

We call this ability - Creating Enterprise Effectiveness.

To help our clients improve their Enterprise Effectiveness we strive to understand their objectives, company processes, people and organizational dynamics before we begin to develop and propose solutions.

Since we are listening and learning, we have no agenda to try to mold our customer's needs to fit one of a limited range of pre designed solutions.

We are entirely client centric, so we always tailor the best solution to addresses precisely the challenges that our client is facing.

By creating a close relationship with our clients, we hope we can anticipate challenges that have not yet risen, and look to identify additional opportunities and benefits to design system programming that are designed to align to a bold  future-vision approach.

The future is an important place for us. Our aim is to build long-term relationships with our clients. We look to a shared and measurable understanding of the values we bring with our full range of consultancy, ongoing sites maintenance, and professional services as well as custom solution integration.


What We Offer

How can Prime Source Global help your business?
We can work with you to develop and implement an IT strategy (IT plan) developed specifically for your business.
We provide you with advice on current and emerging technologies tailored to suit your business.
We specialize in Custom Design, implementing and managing "ground up" IT solutions leaving you to concentrate on your core business.
We provide an ongoing Client-Provider relationship in order to keep you updated on industry trends.
We can effectively become your IT department because not all companies can warrant full-time IT staff.

Small/Medium Size Businesses
Small businesses move faster than any other sector of business.
But unlike big business, they often don't have the luxury of computer and IT departments, IT managers and on-site technical experts to handle their every need.
That's why systems that are simple, reliable and economical are so important to small businesses.
It is with these needs in mind that Prime Source Global created a division exclusively for small/medium size businesses/offices.

Concierge Internet Technology Division
Prime Source Global believes in the old doctor house call approach. It is why we call our relationship with you a Concierge Internet Division to Concierge Internet Relationship. We come to your aid, when you need us the most, at a critical juncture in Your Business, when the time to outsource technical needs is not available. Prime Source Global can be considered your valuable IT Division “in a box”. A simple phone call and any IT issues can be dealt with in a highly effective and efficient manner. We have a reputation as being as reliable, affordable and reachable.


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