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Project execution begins by mapping the user experience to determine the necessary functionalities and priorities for your website. We understand how important it is to capture your vision from the get-go to the very end, even before a single piece of code has been written. Our detailed communication protocols, strategy and explicitly planned implementation each play vital roles in the success of large-scale project execution.

We utilize some of the most innovative and efficient practices, including RapCom (Rapid Component development), EXReD (Explicit Requirement Definition) and CloConAg (we are a Closed Contract Agency).They all work together to ensure that we meet your every need.

Popular Services

  • Low cost Static Websites
  • Dynamic Content Management Websites
  • Dynamic E-Commerce Websites
  • Ongoing Website Maintenance
  • Page Ranking S.E.O
  • World Class Level Webhosting
  • World Class Server Administration
  • Custom Products and Applications

Our Products

Web Designing
Your website is the closest thing to a handshake in the online world. It’s a 5 to 15 second window where you have to impress the visitor. That’s exactly what our creative website designers help you do. Their ability to produce stunning yet relevant website designs boosts websites’ conversion rate, clients’ bottom lines and their brand loyalty. Our creative web designers are well-versed with the latest design technologies and know how to translate them into pleasant, functional websites that impress every stakeholder from clients to partners.

Web Development
We are proud of the way in which our web development empowers our clients. Our experienced web developers leverage the power of the web to boost our clients’ efficiency and bottom line. So whether it’s via stunning websites or efficient content management systems, our web development proficiency always shines across various devices.

Rich Internet Application Development
Using ActionScript (an open source language) for Flash, we create software and websites based on Adobe Flash Player where you will see web pages embedded in the form of SWF files. Flex programming or Apache Flex software development kit (SDK) helps us create and deliver internet apps for our clients which are cross compatible across platforms, rich in content and based on the Adobe Flash platform.

eCommerce Solutions
We have the perfect web development solution if you are looking to sell products/services via a website. Websites are always important and for online businesses this importance goes up a few notches. Whatever you intend to sell through your website, you can count on our web development team to deliver the most impressive and effective e-commerce device (website), complete with online shopping (carts etc.) tools and payment integration.

Software Development
We build software for our clients by different phases: visual designing and planning through computer programming, and writing and maintaining the source code. We aim to satisfy our clients by helping them achieve the required need pertaining to their business. We provide Software as a Service (SaaS) distribution model to our clients in which we host and provide them with software that can be accessed and used over the internet whenever required. In addition, we provide you with the daily technical operations, maintenance and support for the software.

Content Management Systems
As you attempt to make your business more successful and profitable, we create the means to do that. Our custom-made content management systems for instance, remarkably enhance your efficiency. User friendly and efficient, they are designed to streamline your work processes. Furthermore, our superior customization means the CMS we build for you gives your workforce exactly the functionality they need.

Branding & Identity
We provide services for designing graphics such as the designing of logo, image branding, design of Graphical User Interface (GUI), newsletter, online brochures, online designs of a banner, the podium, etc. All this is possible per our designers who put in their best efforts to concentrate on even the smallest of requirements from our clients. We provide the service of custom designing of logos, which make a lasting impression. The types of logos that we create are for businesses, products and services. We understand our client’s business and define its identity with style. We design online banners which showcase the brand image in an impressive manner. We follow a step by step process by first understanding the gist of the concept to be used in designing, then the content is finalized and an appropriate design is sketched and final design of the banner is carried out.

Website Videos & Online Video Sites
Website videos are certainly the best medium to effectively communicate messages to users across the globe since it can deliver a clear and crisp message efficiently. The clients can actually make their presence felt by developing a video presentation of the sites content. We create professional videos for websites irrespective of the length of the video which are visually appealing and by which our clients can actually provide the user a higher level of interaction in order to brand their products or services. We also create online websites for videos which allows users to upload, download, view or share videos. Hence these websites are loaded with rich content as we make use of the latest technologies and platforms to give users a smooth multimedia streaming experience.

Web Server Hosting and Management
Finding the best Linux hosting service provider has always been a challenge for webmasters and bloggers but Prime Source Global has not only made it approachable but also economical. This means getting the most adequate Linux web hosting plan is not a remote affair anymore.

Auto Responder Systems
If you have been using email for some time, or if you currently run a website, you'll probably be familiar with autoresponders. Autoresponders are those canned messages that you receive when you email someone. They are commonly used to automatically reply to people who email you that you have received their message and will get back to them in person. Some people use autoresponders for vacation notices, telling their correspondents that they are currently on holiday and will not be responding to the email anytime soon.

Server Whitelisting
An email whitelist is a list of contacts that the user deems are acceptable to receive email from and should not be sent to the trash folder. Spam filters that come with email clients have both whitelists and blacklists of senders and keywords to look for in emails. If a spam filter keeps a whitelist, mail from the listed email addresses, domains, and/or IP address will always be allowed. Some internet service providers have whitelists that they use to filter email to be delivered to their customers. If a whitelist is exclusive, only email from those on the whitelist will get through. If it is not exclusive, it prevents email from being deleted or sent to the junk mail folder by the spam filter. Usually, only end-users would set a spam filter to delete all emails from sources not on the whitelist, not internet service providers or email services.

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