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The working experience of our organization has allowed us to create and implement a Client’s Viewpoint with our development process. It consists of five working stages:

Consulting, Planning, Development, Integration and Support

During this initial stage, our clients communicate with Prime Source Global and in tandem with our guidance and requests, provide us with all the relevant information and details required, to establish ad complete all their project goals. Each and every one of our Clients receive a professional consultation from our Project Management programming team in order to establish the appropriate technologies and development tools to deliver a professional customer specific solution.


Prime Source Global works hand in hand with each Client using its professional programming team, to develop a set of detailed and clear project specifications, with timeframes and costs of both the project development and its implementation. Such detailed planning is absolutely required to ensure that the final solution matches all client requirements.


As soon as the project specifications are approved by the client, Prime Source Global begins the development of the customer specific solution. During the Graphical development stage, the client has full access to receive, confirm, and or modify all graphics, until satisfied with their final solution. A senior Project Manager, who is available for consultation on all the developmental stages until completed, manages the technical and integration process of the project.


At this stage, the project has been developed, and now the application is ready to be integrated into the client’s business hosting solution. Prime Source Global prides itself on the fact that the final product is delivered as a turnkey solution - installed and configured accordingly and has the ability to provide training and support for staff if needed.


The Supporting stage includes all technically related bug fixes, adjustments, and a comprehensive manual to assist the system administrator. This development process has a time-tested competency to allow Prime Source Global to be able to deliver:

The Three Customer satisfaction needs
I. Quick Start Up Time
II. High Quality
III. On-Time Delivery

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